Disseminating your project through an eBook can bring an impact like no other

The EDMA will help design, produce and distribute your content through our vast networks Globally, helping your project message be delivered to an audience that cares at a time of your choice and in keeping with your dissemination strategy.

We will also host it on our own website, for however long you need, and provide you information and statistics about end user engagements.

In addition, we can also discuss including it as a “special feature” within any edition of The Project repository Journal in order for you to gain added exposure from our growing reader base and network distribution.

  • Full consultation, design and production service provided
  • Distribution to circa 220,000 people Globally at a time and frequency of your choice
  • Possible inclusion in The Project Repository Journal as a “Special Feature”
  • Statistics provided on end user engagement
  • All copyright to remain with the project
  • High-res PDF’s supplied to project for printing purposes (Event and seminar handouts)
  • All costs eligible from any EU grant
  • POA – (Price dependent on individual bespoke nature of eBook)

Latest eBook

Science Communication Research: an Empirical Field Analysis

This study provides both an empirical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of research in the
field of Science Communication, and a reflection on its future needs and perspectives.

African Bio Services: Crafting new approaches to sustainable development

The global community is increasingly receiving depressing information about the state of our planet. Biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate (IPBES 2019: Global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services), drinking water quality is an increasing concern, and global warming is accelerating, and makes major alterations to hydrology.

Please contact a member of the EDMA team who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.