The PRj Volume 17

June 2023

As always, we feature an incredibly diverse range of projects that highlight ingenuity and collaboration within the scientific community.

The PRj Volume 16

The PRj Volume 16

February 2023

Societal issues and citizen engagement are some of the core values the EDMA was founded on. But why is citizen engagement so imperative to the scientific community? Easy answer – contributions and collaborations with citizens can fuel new knowledge and understanding that benefits both science and society.

The PRj Volume 15

The PRj Volume 15

October 2022

European funded researchers are leading the way for advancements in medicine, technology and tackling climate change, we hope you enjoy reading about our innovative contributors and exciting projects featured in this, the fifteenth edition of the PRj.

The Project Repository Journal (PRj) is the EDMA’s flagship open access publication dedicated to showcasing funded science and research throughout Europe.

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Distributed quarterly and on a free of charge basis to a global audience of over 200,000 people, with features discussing current and future funding calls, science policy, European and World-Wide Initiatives and research news it will bring together prolific members of academia and the scientific community to disseminate their ongoing and finalised projects in a concise and informative manner.

Whether the project has received funding from the European Commission, through one of their current schemes such as with an ERC grant or via Horizon 2020, or has received a grant from one of their National Research Councils or European funding agencies, each project will have the freedom to present their goals, ambitions and up to date research findings to a community that makes a difference to science going forward. From policy makers and public sector to funding agencies and research councils and right through the heart of the wider scientific world The Project Repository Journal (PRj) will be at the forefront of project communication and ultimately drive science to the next level and beyond.

This journal is open access and is published under open licence Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0), authors have the right to retain all copyright.

With open access (or open science) being a “core strategy” for the European Commission and making research findings freely available paramount to furthering the engagement of the European scientific community in world science and ultimately at its forefront, The Project Repository Journal (PRj) will enable any project a platform of dissemination in keeping with this evolving recommendation.