Science & Research Dissemination

Scientific publishing can be a mine field but most scientists, researchers, Laboratories and Universities have to or need to do it.

Open science or “open access” has widely been publicised as a “core strategy” for the European Commission in particular, especially since the launch of the Horizon 2020 strategy in order for research findings to be made readily available free of charge to the reader.

Peer reviewed journals offer a different kind of playing field and can also become confusing with literally thousands of titles worldwide to choose from and some of the more reputable titles having as little as a 10% acceptance rate. Subscriptions to these articles play a vital role in the dissemination being effective and have in the past meant some universities have had to cancel subscriptions which is not ideal to anyone involved in the system. They have been around for 3 centuries, according to some sources, and provide a staple for the scientific community.

The European Dissemination Media Agency will provide you with informative advice on which avenue suits your requirements, saving you valuable time and expense. Let our impact be your impact.

Government & Public Sector Advertising

Promoting your product or service to the correct person within a specific government agency or department is critical for your success.

Are you sure the publication reaches the desired audience? We understand the marketplace; how difficult it can be to break into and where the best avenues are to advertise on a European Level.

There are millions of people working for Government throughout Europe but not all can make decisions or spend budgets. The key is to target the ones that can and influence their choices.

Whether it be local government, MOD, healthcare, transport, smart cities, environment, education, energy, agriculture or science and technology then educating the right person or persons about your own capabilities is key.

Help us to understand your product or service and we will do the rest.


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