Welcome to the 20th edition of the Project Repository Journal (PRj) – your portal to the cutting-edge of multidisciplinary scientific research.

Interested in the cutting-edge innovations changing our world? Or how innovations journey from fanciful sounding dreams to the reality of our everyday lives? Perhaps you’re just a curious soul with a love for learning what’s new. Whatever your motivation, welcome to the twentieth issue of the Project Repository Journal.

In this issue, we’re proud to feature our collaboration with Vestas Aircoil. You may recall them from issue 14 and their work in developing high-performance heat exchangers for low emission power systems.

We caught up with them and the other partners involved in the new CP-Sens project to bring you the latest updates on their work. See Page 96.

Please get in touch with the EDMA team if you require further information about any of our contributors or would like more information on how you can take part.

“Disseminate – Communicate – Educate”

Helping researchers create the semiconductor chips of the future

A showroom, transnational calls and training courses are how INFRACHIP is helping researchers advance Europe’s semiconductor chip industry.

Nuclear medical applications: joint efforts to advance competencies and help patients

The European Commission’s Joint Research Council (JRC) brought together academia, industry, researchers and health professionals to discuss nuclear competences and skills required to sustain medical applications of nuclear science throughout their life cycle.

Laying the groundwork for future molecular dynamics databases

A new database of molecular dynamics simulations helps further scientific insight into COVID-19 proteins.

Lump sums in Advanced Grants 2024

The ERC has been working on introducing a new way of awarding grants, namely as ‘lump sums’, which will be put in place as a pilot scheme for Advanced Grants starting with the 2024 call.

Is the clock ticking on AI?

Renowned AI experts call on world governments and tech giants to take action now on AI risks.

Commission receives scientific advice on artificial intelligence uptake in research and innovation

The Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) released its independent policy recommendations on how to facilitate the uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) in research and innovation across the EU.

New light on the magnetic fields of the Milky Way’s black hole

Astronomers present the first-ever polarised light image of the supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy.

Strategic Dialogue on the future of EU agriculture

Farmers are crucial for our present and future. Thanks to Europe’s agri-food sector, 450 million people have access to safe, healthy and affordable food.

LIFE Calls for proposals 2024: bring your green dream to life with a share of €571 million funding!

The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Agency (CINEA) are excited to announce the LIFE Calls for Proposals 2024 and they want to hear your ideas for conserving nature, protecting the environment, taking climate action and transitioning Europe to clean energy.

Open-source, interactive database for farmers and foresters goes online

A newly launched online platform for agricultural knowledge invites contributions to further Europe’s transition to sustainable farming and forestry.

The wave of change in Europe’s food system

Farmers, companies and consumers are all helping spur improvements in EU agricultural production and diets.

Organic farming in Europe is shedding its niche label

Consumer demand in the EU is growing for more sustainable food production.

Miracle material enters the limelight with European help

Graphene has transitioned from the lab to market, thanks in to small part to EU.

2024 EU Prize for Citizens Science goes to marine pollution, agricultural biodiversity and mental health projects

The winners of the EU 2024 Prize for Citizen Science were announced on 12 June 2024. Citizen science—the general public engagement in scientific research activities—contributes to a vibrant civil society and is getting increasingly popular with Europeans.

Not just less, but zero: industrial roadmap to Europe’s net-zero carbon future

The ConsenCUS project is showcasing innovations in carbon capture, utilisation and storage to further the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal.

How important was ‘desert power’ in human history?

With the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune in cinemas, ‘desert power’ is front and centre. Were Earth’s deserts seemingly vast and empty similarly contested? Archaeologist Bérangère Redon is our guide.

Irish castles and ancient Greek rites show culture’s role in regional regeneration

Tapping into the long and rich histories of places around Europe is a central part of an EU push for rural and urban revival.

Studying gangs from the inside

From the epic film The Godfather to news stories, everyone has an idea of what makes a gang… and a gangster. But do we really? Dennis Rodgers went to the heart of the matter to challenge common assumptions about gangs, gangsters and ganglands.

Anticipating the future of digital neuroscience

A recently published paper looks at how digital neuroscience developed, where it is now and the advances envisioned for the next 10 years.

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