Welcome readers to the eighteenth edition of The Project Repository Journal.

Science has always been a beacon of progress, illuminating the path towards a deeper understanding of the natural world and our place within it. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and unprecedented global challenges, the importance of scientific inquiry has never been more profound.

In this issue, we present a diverse array of articles that span the spectrum of scientific disciplines. From breakthroughs in renewable energy and the quest for sustainable solutions to combat climate change to the latest revelations in cutting-edge biomedical research that promise to revolutionise healthcare, our contributors bring you the latest insights and discoveries shaping our world.

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“Disseminate – Communicate – Educate”

Science in Wonderful!

A Flagship event to showcase EU funded research.

Developing food and feed sustainably, with the help of microbes

With its innovations featuring on the EU’s Innovation Radar, the SIMBA project has made impressive strides towards identifying land and aquatic microbiomes that can help to make European agriculture and aquaculture sustainable.

The path to better care of atrial fibrillation patients

A novel software tool could enable more effective management of atrial fibrillation patients aged 65 and older with multiple co-existing conditions.

Exploring better implants for treating epilepsy

Researchers test three old materials and one new material as potential coatings for probes implanted in soft brain tissue.

This is how much plastic we inhale every week

We’re breathing in tiny plastic particles and they’re finding a home in our lungs.

A mantra for treatment of plastic in our oceans

Mankind’s marine legacy currently weighs in at a staggering 83 million tonnes of plastic waste. EU-funded project MAELSTROM is working on truly sustainable solutions. Remove, recycle, reuse, repeat!

Proof of Concept grants awarded

The ERC funds 66 grantees to unlock commercial and societal potential of their research.

Carbon Capture

Introducing two new non-toxic bio-solvents for carbon capture processes.

Smoothing the path to net-zero Emissions

A new policy paper highlights the ConsenCUS project’s key findings and policy recommendations on the deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies.

Striving for a stronger blue bio-economy in Europe

The EU-backed BlueBio project launches its strategic agenda presenting research and innovation needs in the blue bio-economy.

Going big: the science behind large-scale projects

New guide provides answers to the challenges posed by research collaboration on a large scale.

Revolutionising image processing with photonics

EU-backed researchers take a look at the evolving landscape of integrated photonic convolutional neural networks and present two alternative approaches for beyond state-of-the-art performance.

ERC Starting Grants:

400 bright minds awarded over €628 million.

Water molecules do not jump alone

An EU-backed study describes the collective bursts of motion happening in liquid water.

ERC Synergy Grants:

The ERC are backing 37 teams to tackle complex scientific questions

EU-UK relations:

Commission and UK reach political agreement on UK participation in Horizon Europe and Copernicus.

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