FOXES (an acronym for Fully Oxide-based Zero-Emission and Portable Energy Supply) wants to develop a novel stand-alone zero emission solid-state power generating and storage system.

The FOXES project gained support under the Horizon 2020 – FET Proactive programme and it will run for 48 months, until September 2024. Within this timeframe, the researchers propose an innovative power generating and storage system, which can enhance technologies for the Internet of things (IoT), such as wireless sensor nodes.

Providing efficient solutions for powering IoT devices is crucial for further progress in this dynamic sphere of multiple consumer, commercial, industrial or infrastructural applications. The FOXES project wants to facilitate the boost of IoT technologies, and realize a clean, compact, low-cost and scalable high energy-density powering system. Such a system will allow IoT devices to be fully wireless, lightweight, and energy-autonomous.

“With FOXES we’ll pursue an integrated and environmentally-sustainable approach to the problem problem of powering wireless IoT devices”, says Dr. Marco Deluca, Key Scientist at Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH and the project coordinator of FOXES. “Our goal is to realize what we call a Power Cube – an integrated 2 x 2 cm2 system, which combines a high-efficiency solar cell with a multilayer capacitor and an energy management circuit. And we want to achieve this using only low-cost and environmentally friendly processes and materials, so that the Power Cube will have no negative environmental impact at its end-of-life.”

The FOXES project connects several research institutions across the Europe: the above mentioned Materials Center Leoben Forshung GmbH (as the coordinating institution), the University of Wuppertal (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), AMO GmbH (Gesellschaft fur angewandte Mikro- und Optoelektronik mit Beschrankterhaftung AMO GmbH), the Uninova Institute (Uninova – Instituto Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias) and the University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona).

Background information
FET-Open and FET Proactive are now part of the Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot (specifically the Pathfinder), the new home for deep-tech research and innovation in Horizon 2020, the EU funding programme for research and innovation.


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