Ivan Minev and his team at Sheffield University are producing some pioneering research in the field of 3D printable biological implants, catching media attention. Read all about it below:


‘Print Your Own Biological Implants’ featured in Physics 13, 202  read the article here:
‘Researchers develop prototype neural implant with potential to treat nervous system injuries’ featured on 3dprinting industry.com, September 22, 2020. read the article here:
‘Implant developed from the 3D printer for the brain’ featured on mdr.de, September 24, 2020. read the article here:

‘3D printed brain implants could treat spinal injuries, scientists say’ featured in the Telegraph online, September 21, 2020. read the article here:
‘3D-printed implants that link human brains to computers and stimulate the spinal cord could be used to treat people with paralysis’ featured in the Dailymail online, September 21, 2020 read the article here:

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