Spatial irradiance estimation in a thermosolar power plant by a mobile robot sensor network

Javier García Martin, José M. Maestre, and Eduardo F. Camacho.


An algorithm for mapping Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) in thermosolar power plants using a Mobile Robotic Sensor Network (RSN) is presented. The algorithm selects measurement spots and allocates the RSN accordingly to carry out the dynamic estimation of DNI. A generic thermosolar power plant with a fleet of vehicles is used as a simulated case study to assess the performance of the algorithm. The results show that the proposed method allows us to obtain a spatial estimation of the DNI that could improve the performance of the plant, and that outperforms estimations based on a single pyrheliometer.


  • The algorithm obtains a spatially DNI estimation with a multi-robot sensor network.
  • The algorithm approaches both the generation of tasks and the estimation of DNI.
  • The clouds and exploring unknown areas are needed to generate new tasks.
  • The framework is modular and additional information sources can be considered.


Repository copy:

Click the videos below to play the results:

  • Test of the proposed algorithm without cameras:

  • Test of the algorithm without cameras with the same input, given the heuristic nature of the algorithm:

  • Test of the algorithm with the same input but considering there are cameras that help locating the clouds:

  • Test of the algorithm with the same input but considering that robots are performing random tasks instead of the tasks generated by the proposed algorithm:

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