The twelfth edition of The Project Repository Journal is now live and freely available to read here.

Happy New Year dear readers! We’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with so many of you who have continued steadfastly in progressing research and pilot projects in the face of adversity.

Many of you have had to innovate at speed to keep up the momentum and have forged new partnerships to address shared challenges. The flexibility and commitment of the European research community is truly amazing. It is our absolute privilege to work with you to help you tell your story to the world.

Thank you.

Please, enjoy the wide range of fantastic project articles featured in this volume. They certainly bring hope for the future. We cannot wait to hear what incredible achievements come next.

“Disseminate – Communicate – Educate”

Please get in touch with the EDMA team if you require further information about any of our contributors.

Connected cows for better meat and dairy products

New solutions for farmers to cope better with large numbers of animals while assuring full transparency of the supply chain.

NASA’s new IXPE mission begins science operations

X-ray eyes zeroing in on some of the hottest, most energetic objects in the universe.

EROSS space robotics project reaches for the stars

Innovative satellite servicing technology wins the 2021 Étoiles de l’Europe award.

Drone flight trials in Poland bring EUwide urban air mobility a step closer

EU-backed consortium to test urban drone flights in four European countries.

Unveiling Europe’s first hydrogen-powered seagoing ferry

HySeas III project releases the first images as testing progresses on the ship’s key components.

What is the metaverse, and why is Facebook planning to hire 10 000 in the EU to build it?

Examing Zuckerberg’s desire to invest in European talent to help create his vision of an online world.

ERC awards €619M in its first research grants under Horizon Europe

Over 390 early-career researchers win European Research Council Starting Grants.

Three billion additional trees by 2030: launch of MapMyTree tool

New data tool enables all organisations to join the pledge and register their planted trees to count towards the EU target.

Cleaner air could have saved at least 178 000 lives across the EU in 2019

Improving air quality to recommended levels could prevent more than half of premature deaths caused by exposure to fine particulate matter.

A race to save the world’s wild pollinators

The plight of honeybees has captured the public’s imagination, but the reality is that many wild pollinators are in decline.

Just like fingerprints, we all have a brainprint

Can the brain be used to identify us as accurately as fingerprints?.

Using AI to treat cancer

EU-backed researchers build state-of-the-art software that harnesses AI to design nanomedicine that fights cancer cells.

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