The thirteenth edition of The Project Repository Journal is now live and freely available to read here.

This latest edition of the PRj contains a wealth of truly groundbreaking research from EU-funded projects who are committed to the advancement of science and the future and wellbeing of society and our planet.

We hope you enjoy all the dissemination articles from the innovative projects we have worked with in this issue and please get in touch with the EDMA team if you require further information about any of our contributors.

“Disseminate – Communicate – Educate”

Fruit flies, tiny but amazingly smart

New study reveals these tiny insects possess attention, working memory and awareness capabilities.

Exploring antibiotic resistance, bacteria and the viruses that eat them 

New study deepens understanding of how phage therapy is best combined with antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

Three distinguished scientists to join the ERC Scientific Council

European Commission appoints new members of the governing body.

ERC for Ukraine: jobs for researchers fleeing the war

Grantees asked to provide temporary employment to refugee researchers and support staff, such as technician and lab managers, from Ukraine.

From mice to men: using tiny human brain models to study autism

Scientists used simplified miniature models of the human brain to understand how mutations in a high-risk autism gene affect brain development.

After a PhD, what’s next?

How employable are doctorate holders? How valuable is their degree? An EU-funded survey has the answers.

Trending science: what’s that strange object sending signals to Earth?

Astronomers detect unexplained radio signal unlike anything seen before.

What’s in store for Europe’s tree species?

New data set shows current distributions of 67 European tree species and predicts their future distribution under two emissions scenarios.

Droughts and heatwaves happening together—it depends on the rain

What happens to make droughts and heatwaves occur together, and how does precipitation affect this? A recent study explains.

On the path to making Europe’s ocean and waters blue again

CORDIS release Synergy Info Pack showcasing the projects restoring our oceans and waters.

What’s the progress on clean energy innovation?

Valuable insight to policymakers as new report maps development of renewable technology innovation.

Breaking crystal symmetries in pursuit of piezoelectricity

Paving the way to environmentally friendly and biocompatible electromechanical materials.

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