The seventh edition of The Project Repository Journal is now live and freely available to read here.

2020 has been an unprecedented and challenging year, yet it is through the dedication and commitment of scientists globally that research continues to move forward for the betterment of society and our planet. This edition of PRj showcases a selection of some of these pioneering EU-funded projects.

In this volume of the PRj we have worked with some fantastic, innovative and ground-breaking EU Funded projects please get in touch with the EDMA team if you require further information about any of our contributors.

Autism Europe

The international association to advance the rights of autistic people introduces Train-ASD which launches its online platform on communication and teaching approaches for autistic people.

European Research and Innovation Days 2020

The European Commission has brought together thousands of policymakers, researchers, innovators, businesspeople and citizens in a unique digital event.

Commission supports international clinical research network to treat COVID-19

An ambitious new EU-funded research initiative, EURESPONSE, will establish a clinical research network to treat COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases.

European Starting Grants 2020

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded €677 million to 436 laureates to help unravel scientific mysteries.

European Green Deal Call

The European Commission has launched a €1 billion call for research and innovation projects that respond to the climate crisis and help protect Europe’s unique ecosystems and biodiversity.


The European Food Information Council introduces the EU funded project – Smartchain who aim to support collaborative SFSCs through specific recommendations and actions, increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of the European agri-food system.

Commission announces the winners of Horizon Impact Awards 2020

The European Commission has announced the winners of the second edition of Horizon Impact Award, a prize dedicated to EU-funded projects that have created societal impact across Europe and beyond.

Natural fibres threaded into satellites for safer missions

Threading fibres from the flax plant through satellite panel material can help space missions burn up more rapidly during atmospheric re-entry – making their disposal safer for people and property on the ground.

Keep finding your way to junk food instead of healthy snacks? It’s genetics, study finds

Research suggests humans are better at remembering the location of high-calorie foods over their healthy alternatives.

Mapping microbiomes to improve food quantity, quality and safety

Fermented foods can be a major source of probiotic lactic acid bacteria (LAB) for the human gut, according to a new study.

PerMedCoE: Exascale-ready cell-level simulations for European Personalised Medicine

This recently launched HPC centre of excellence will optimise codes for cell-level simulations in HPC/ Exascale and bridge the gap between organ and molecular simulations.

Humanitarian Aid: Commission awards five outstanding solutions

Five exceptional innovations that can make a big difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people around the world have won the EIC Horizon Prize on Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid.

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