As simple as it may be, a great logo can entice people to find out more about your research.

Project branding can turn a mediocre website into one that attracts the attention it deserves and help with people continually returning to your site on a regular basis for updates on the research.

The interest generated could lead to potential future funding opportunities and certainly help raise the awareness of your project. Think of some of the most famous logos in history and I bet your answer matches a high percentage of others who are asked the same question.

The EDMA design team can produce a bespoke logo for your project and help with your brand awareness. A portfolio of designs will be made available to you, upon request, for you to choose from and all copyright will be given to the project along with a multitude of high-res file formats for you to use in other media at your discretion.

Get in touch to discuss how EDMA we can help to enhance your brand awareness.


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