At both regular and sporadic intervals, a project may need to communicate its results as part of the overall objective of the research.

Host institutions and Universities tend to do a very good job of interacting with local and national press to this effect but often do not have the necessary contact points when it comes to a European or worldwide approach to dissemination.

With cross border collaboration now crucial to science as a whole, a wider approach to the communication of project results is paramount. The EDMA have access to an organically grown and regularly audited database of contacts whose primary use is for science dissemination.

Ranging from scientists, Universities, policy makers and the public sector (but not limited to) this database can be used as a whole to communicate your research or alternatively broken down to suit your own needs at intervals in the project important to you and its results. Its use will be built into your dissemination activities with the EDMA so frequency of send can be pre-determined before the project starts if needs be.

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