Project co-ordinators often tell us how difficult it is to recruit the right people for a project.

Ranging from stories of not enough applicants to applicants in large numbers who are not suitable for the available positions on the team are common. Making sure your team is assembled to the best possible standard from the beginning is going to make your project run much more smoothly.

You do not want to get 12 months or more down the line only to have to start the whole recruitment process over. Whilst the EDMA is not a recruitment agency we are able to help with the process. By utilising the EDMA’s own website through our portal pages or simply running a recruitment ad through our newsletter service we can increase the probability of you attracting the right personnel for the research.

This, in addition to the usual methods of recruiting PHD students, will undoubtedly make your team complete and ready to start the research on time.

Get in touch and let us know about your preferred project team members’ requirements.


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