The European Dissemination Media Agency are a specialist agency with a focus on communicating your projects and research

We work closely with a broad range of projects, researchers and private sector clients from across Europe and the Globe and pride ourselves on being European Dissemination Media Specialists who can help increase the visibility and credibility of you and your research whatever your dissemination budget.

The Project Respository Journal from EDMA

Featured Partners and Projects

EDMA work with researchers, projects and organisations to increase the outreach of their project, activity or research findings. These are the latest organisations and projects which we’ve worked with to improve their dissemination strategy. More partners can be found in the repository.

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Research News

News stories on the latest and ongoing EU funded research projects.

The Project Respository Journal from EDMA

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It is vital for members of the science and research community to clearly communicate the results of their research projects with the private and public sectors through effective European dissemination.

Bad media purchasing choices made by inexperienced European dissemination media agents can often lead to wasted budgets and poor results. The EDMA help you make the right choices for your research project.

We are dissemination media specialists with a sound understanding of both the traditional and digital dissemination channels required in order to put your information in front of the people that need to see it.

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